Medellín July 16, 2020

In response to the different requests that we have received at the University, in part due to the changes in the peak and identification measures and strict confinement adopted by the local and departmental governments, We have decided to extend the payment period for ordinary tuition until Friday, July 24 2020.

With the decision to extend the tuition payment deadlines, we want people to be able to complete their banking procedures, the renewal of scholarships, the application for severance pay, among other procedures, and to successfully complete their registration process without any type of surcharges or extraordinary payments.

As of Friday, July 17, 2020, in the afternoon hours, students will be able to enter the University Extranet again and obtain their Enrollment quote with this new date.

For people who want to make the payment virtually, they can execute it through the institutional website once they generate the new quote on the Extranet and from there the options for downloading the document and finally online payments are enabled.

We always appreciate your attention.



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