Medellín, October 19, 2020

Aware of the constant work and improvement for the protection and well-being of the health of the entire university community, and taking into account the economic reactivation endorsed by the National Government, the CES University has decided to omit the yellow traffic light from the web applicationCES takes care of me, a tool that is part of the biosafety protocol established for access to the Poblado, IPS CES Sabaneta and the Veterinary and Zootechnical Center (CVZ) headquarters, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As of October 19, 2020, people must register daily to enter the facilities and this will generate the following classification:the green traffic lightfor unrestricted access andRed lightfor people whoNOare authorized.

Through this web platform, the CES University maintains epidemiological control and surveillance, with the use of technologies, of its entire university community each time they enter the campuses.The application is essential and mandatoryprocessing for access to the venues by students, teachers, administrative staff and external public.

The risk of contracting COVID-19 has not gone away. It is time to reinforce self-care measures such as wearing a mask, constant hand washing and maintaining physical distance between people. Responsibility is individual for everyone's health.

You take care of yourself and others!

Kind regards,

Jorge Julián Osorio Gómez
CES University Rector

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