Medellín, March 16, 2020

CES University continues its academic and administrative work in virtuality

Complying with the guidelines and indications of the government entities of the country and the region, and with the aim of contributing to the containment and prevention of the COVID-19 virus, the CES University informs that:

1. The University is developing its academic activities in virtual mode from this Monday, March 16, 2020 in its undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education programs. We reiterate that the practices carried out in laboratories and in simulation within the Poblado, Sabaneta and Envigado headquarters have been canceled. Students who are rotating through the different practice centers, we invite you to contact your faculties to clarify your particular situation.

We reiterate our commitment to self-care. We are not on recess or on vacation, it is a temporary change in education modality as an epidemiological containment strategy, for this reason they must remain at home all the time.

2. Gradually, the activities and administrative processes are also in virtual mode according to the directive of the Primary Committee of the institution, headed by the Rector. It is the responsibility of each manager, director, dean and heads of the area to coordinate with their work team so that the provision of external and internal service is not affected. We reiterate that the measure is adopted so that employees continue with their work activities and with the availability required by their position, this from their home as a preventive measure.

3. The university transport service will be suspended as of Tuesday, March 17, 2020, that is, the Poblado and Centro bus routes will not be enabled at their usual hours until further notice. The CES University Gymnasium will keep the general attention to internal and external public suspended.

4. All the personnel of Payroll and Labor Relations forwarded the number of their extensions to their residential telephone and they will be attentive to any labor news in the same extensions during working hours.

  • The dates of news reports are preserved.
  • The SENA quota learning contracts (technical, technological and professional) are suspended from Tuesday 17 until March 30. It should be noted that this measure is valid for students who are doing their internship at CES University.
  • In Document Management there will be a person available to meet the requirements of each area.

5. The collective degrees scheduled for April 2020 are postponed until a new date. People who have doubts about the delivery of degrees, can consult it through the Admissions and Records Office, in the email:

6. We continue with academic activities in virtual mode in all educational processes, promoting CES at home as a strategy that has been implemented at the University since 2017. The Virtual CES area will send again the instructions for collaborative tools for work in this modality, both for students and teachers.

7. Employees may request the diversion of their telephone line to their landline at home. For this request they must communicate with the Information Technology area -TI- by means of e-mails: /

  • On the other hand, work teams are reminded that they can use the TEAMS application to develop their meetings. Download it through the following link: If you require more information about the management of this platform, contact the email:
  • People who require remote access to SAP must make their request, with prior authorization from their immediate manager, to the following email:

8. The Fundadores Library will not provide service at the El Poblado headquarters until further notice. However, it will work virtually, through bibliographic resources electronically. Check them out at:

9. The cafeterias at Poblado headquarters will close as of Monday, March 16 and until further notice. Only the Restaurant N Cocina & Nutrición which is located on the third floor of building C.

10. To prevent disease, avoid contagion or reduce the spread of acute respiratory infections, we will promote from the Office of Health and Safety at Work routines of frequent hand washing with soap and water; This reduces the chance of getting infected by 50%. In events where hand washing is not possible, they must use antibacterial gel or glycerinated alcohol, which will be arranged by the University in different spaces of the institution and its service centers in the municipalities of Medellín, Envigado and Sabaneta.

  • People over 60 and under 3 years of age, who have diseases such as diabetes, cancer, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, kidney failure, HIV or malnutrition should stay at home, since it is the population group with the highest risk of infection.
  • Not having physical contact with other people. Specifically shake hands or kiss. In addition, avoid contact with sick people or those who have symptoms related to the coronavirus. If you have symptoms, do not leave your home, contact the telephones: Medellín at 123 and in Antioquia at # 774 or cell phone 3003050295.
  • Use disinfectants or alcohol to clean personal objects, surfaces, areas and materials of constant use.
  • The teaching, student or administrative personnel who return from countries at risk, will have to undergo a preventive social isolation of 14 days on their return and must inform their immediate boss and the competent entities about their current state of health.
  • If you or someone in your environment has flu symptoms, you should report it to the Occupational Health and Safety area by email:

11. National and international exchanges or trips of an institutional nature are temporarily suspended during March and April. What we seek with this measure is to protect our university community from doing mobility in countries and cities considered high risk.

12. The institution will make the psychology service available to the university community through its virtual platform. If you require a consultation, contact


Measures taken from the headquarters:

  • At the Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Center –CVZ–:

Emergency care and pharmacy service 24 hours a day for small and large species.

The following specialties will serve once a week: Cardiology, Neurology, Oncology, Nephrology, Ophthalmology and Orthopedics.

The hospital will serve as normal. However, visits by animal owners will be suspended until further notice.

The elective surgery service will be provided two days a week and when an emergency arises.

The imaging service will be provided three times a week and in the case of an emergency.

Prevention, containment and self-care measures will be adopted for internal and external personnel, following the guidelines of the World Health Organization.

  • At the IPS CES Sabaneta and the Warehouse headquarters (dentistry):

The dentistry service is suspended from March 16 and until further notice in both venues.

The other services will pay attention normally.

There will be no rotation of students and residents at the headquarters.

The administrative staff will continue their activities as normal.

Prevention, containment and self-care measures will be adopted for internal and external personnel, following the guidelines of the World Health Organization.


  • At the Colombian Institute of Tropical Medicine –ICMT–:

The diagnostic service will be provided normally.

The administrative staff will continue their work with work at home.

Prevention, containment and self-care measures will be adopted for internal and external personnel, following the guidelines of the World Health Organization.

We count on the caution and self-care of each one of you in this contingency situation. Let us remember that it is not a collective vacation, we want the study and administrative tasks at home to be taken as a serious measure of prevention and containment of COVID-19.

We take care of each other!


Kind regards,

Jorge Julián Osorio Gómez
CES University Rector

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