Medellín, March 30, 2020

Dear university community,

It has been a few weeks full of changes in our usual routines and we have seen how the current situation due to the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic has made us reinvent ourselves from the academy, administrative management and even from our closest environment, the family.

From the University, we thank each of the members of this community for their commitment and dedication in each of the processes they develop. To our students and teachers, the ability to continue generating knowledge; to our administrative staff, the sense of belonging with their functions that are of great importance so that the institution does not stop and can function from virtuality.

Today I want to send you a hug from a distance and inform you about the news that we have from the University:

  1. During the Easter season that runs from April 5 to 12, we will suspend academic activities. However, the administrative tasks will continue to be carried out normally during the holy days (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). We adhere to the guidelines of the National Government and we will inform you in a timely manner when we will return to face-to-face activities.
  1. We are a family-responsible company (efr) and we know how important it is for our employees to have financial stability. From CES University we remain committed to the respective payment of salaries so that they can supply their basic and family needs, even more so, in this contingency.
  1. The Fundadores Library has its virtual services available through:

We invite you to use the services that we have enabled for our university community:

  • Training for the academic community: teachers, students, and researchers, or whoever is interested can schedule consultancies and training sessions virtually.
  • If you need help, you can communicate through our social networks, on Facebook and on Instagram @libraryfounders and via email: or to the landline: (4) 4440555 option 4 ext. 1131.

Kind regards,

Jorge Julián Osorio Gómez
CES University Rector

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