2020 Student Representative Elections

Aware of the importance of the democratic participation of the students in the different institutional instances of the CES University, from the Rectory and the General Secretariat we have decided to change the date of the elections of student representatives before the Superior Council, Academic Council and curriculum committees for the period 2020.

As it has been from the beginning, our interest is to create a transparent space for participation with voters and candidates for representatives in this democratic exercise. With this slogan, the votes that were initially scheduled for this Wednesday, September 11, will be moved for this next September 19, in order to adjust aspects of all kinds, which in principle we considered were of clarity and general knowledge, related to the election process.

We invite the entire student community that participated actively to go to the virtual polls again Thursday, September 19, new date for the election of the representatives. With the new and definitive moment, the calendar of elections of representatives of the university community will not be affected.

We invite the student community so that with their vote they support the proposals that result in the well-being and improvement of the students themselves and our institution, that is why we will open a new space for debate on September 16 at the Aula Máxima Alfonso Escobar Rojas. We want aspiring student representatives to continue with that spirit of leadership and integrity for our alma mater so that they promote among the university community the values and knowledge acquired in our classrooms and spaces for reflection.

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