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The Inclusion Index for Higher Education (INES) describes the perception that the different actors of the university community have, about the practices in inclusive education of the CES University in Medellín.

At the end of 2020, the Inclusion Committee shared an electronic form with undergraduate and graduate students, teachers and administrators of the institution to identify strengths and weaknesses in inclusion issues of the U. In total, 717 people from the institutional community participated, within of which 56% were undergraduate students, 20% administrative, 17% teachers and 7% graduate students.

"The INES seeks to evaluate and measure the perception of the university community actors about the practices and policies in inclusive education that are carried out at the CES University," said Alejandra Lopera Escobar, a research professor at the CES University.

Data collection and analysis took a period of 3 months. Where inclusion practices and policies were evaluated in academic, administrative, financial, social impact, research and artistic and cultural creation processes, among others.

Based on the observations made in the research, it is intended to strengthen the mechanisms for the attention to student diversity, and promote a differential approach in institutional practices and policies, including the planning of physical and technological infrastructure.

“The relevance of this exploration is to know how the university community perceives us in relation to inclusive education. What capacities do we have at the university to respond to student diversity, through the baseline that the INES results gave us, ” said Carolina Cardona Álvarez, coordinator of University Social Promotion.

The Institution's Inclusion Committee proposes a methodological route to involve the entire university community. This seeks to contextualize and raise awareness in teachers, students and administrators on the issue of inclusion, articulating improvement plans, reasonable adjustments and affirmative actions within the university.

INES is a tool presented by the Ministry of National Education and the Saldarriaga Concha Foundation, which seeks to promote concrete actions to promote the conceptualization and applicability of inclusive higher education. Analyzing the main barriers that a student faces in circumstances of vulnerability, in the educational system.

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