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Miguel Ángel Mesa Zapata was born in the municipality of Caldas, Antioquia and lives in the La Inmaculada neighborhood. He is currently in the seventh semester of Physiotherapy at CES University and is completing his internship at IPS CES Sabaneta. In the university games in Barranquilla he won two medals, one gold in 800 meters and the other silver in 400.

The story of how Miguel came to athletics is particular, when he was 9 years old he was in fifth grade at the José María Bernal Educational Institution in the municipality of Caldas and an athletics coach invited the students: "Who wants to participate as an athlete?", I ask. Many colleagues raised their hands including Miguel, from there he began to run in street races and competed in other municipalities in eastern Antioquia such as La Unión, Marinilla and Rionegro.

“Athletics for me has been a story of love and heartbreak, this is hate and liking, I went out on several occasions, the first time I started playing soccer, I was with the team of Professor Luis Fernando Montoya and what belongs to one It is one and I returned to the Athletics League with Professor Libardo Hoyos, but it was more of a personal commitment, I have always been very competitive, so I said I will train for a year and depending on the result I continue or stop and do something else, and here I'm going , ”said the medalist.

Miguel says that athletics is hateful because he had to retire twice due to injury, so he started playing soccer in Luis Fernando Montoya's team, but the love of running was greater and that is why he returned with all the attitude to recover.

The athlete began his sports career representing the Caldas municipality, then when he was 16 years old he continued in the Antioquia team, he has been national champion under 18 and under 20 in 800 meters. He also won gold and silver in sub 23 and was in Peru in a South American representing Colombia. In grade 11, Miguel won the Supérate de Coldeportes scholarship, which consists of rewarding the best intercollegiate athletes, the prize was 40 million pesos to study an undergraduate degree at any university and chose the CES University. "I saw sport as an opportunity, everything happened, it was a race of 800 meters, thanks to that scholarship I am studying here", proudly boasts.

Miguel Angel on the podium

Photography: Courtesy

The physiotherapist at the time of training organizes his schedule with that of the practices: three days in the morning at 7:00 am he trains in the Athletics League track work, does his professional practices in the afternoon and at 8:00 pm at night he does his double training. The remaining days are weights and resistance so he does it in Caldas.

Studying Physiotherapy for him is like fulfilling a dream and he says: “I have always liked it a lot and sport gave me the opportunity to study. Since I arrived I have always felt that support from the Faculty of Physiotherapy and Institutional Wellbeing, so it is very comforting ".

The anecdotes in competition are endless, the most remembered of Miguel was that in each phase of the competition for the Supérate de Coldeportes scholarship something strange happened: in the departmental phase that was played in Don Matías, the whole team suffered stomach problems, they vomited and felt very bad. Later in Armenia in another phase they were not going to let him compete due to a bad registration and lack of papers, but in the end luck was on his side and he was able to give his best; And the best anecdote for him was when in Bogotá, about to compete, he realized that the prize was 40 million pesos to study, so in the starting game before competing, his feet were shaking, something that had never happened to him.

This year the champion has national games left at the end of November, "I am going to run two tests 800 and 1500 I have worked a lot at 800 and the goal is gold", concluded

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