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Photography of teleodontology careA 50-year-old man came in the first instance for general medicine consultation at the local hospital in the municipality of Jericó, in Antioquia, for a swelling of the lower lip known as a mucocele. Then he was referred to the dental service, from where the local professional requested a consultation with the dentists of the University's School of Dentistry, to expand on the initial diagnosis and continue with adequate treatment.

The counseling was carried out from Medellín by Dr. Robledo Sierra, who, through the medical history and photographs of the injury, previously analyzed the case and then expanded the information with a teleconference consultation, with the patient and the dentist , both from Jericho, without this representing a definitive diagnosis.

We spoke with the patient and the dentist in Jericó by teleconference and, together with the previous information we had on the case, to Photography of teleodontology careit was quite clear to us what the outlook was. However, we told the patient that in order to establish a definitive diagnosis and perform the indicated surgical treatment, he should go to a specialist in Medellín”, Explained Dr. Robledo Sierra.

For her part, the Faculty teacher, María Cristina Giraldo Zuluaga, explains that through teleondontology care can be provided to isolated patients, accompaniment to professionals in rural areas, attend to the lack of specialists from various areas and control and epidemiological surveillance.

With this service, the user can save money on travel. There are patients who live in very remote areas, so in some cases the patient does not have to come to the city just to receive a basic orientation. It has been found that in the case of oral cancer the patient comes to consult multiple times before being referred to the stomatology service, then when he arrives where the specialist is already too late and the prognosis is late”, Explained the teacher Giraldo Zuluaga.

In the future, it is proposed to bring oral health care to the nine locations with which it has agreements, hand in hand with the professional staff of the Faculty and the IPS CES Sabaneta with areas such as stomatology and dental emergencies, among others.

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