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Photo of the meeting of the Rector Jorge Julián Osorio with members of the Consulate of Peru and the Internationalization team of the CES University

On the occasion of the inauguration of the Consulate General, we received the Honorable Consul General, Patricia Nava Pérez, at our University facilities, a propitious occasion to review the cooperation ties between Peru and the CES University, highlighting the importance of the academic exchanges of students.

Photo of Rector Jorge Julián Osorio with members of the Peruvian consulateDue to the importance of economic and academic exchanges between the department of Antioquia and the Republic of Peru, it has decided to establish a Consulate General in Medellín.

In this sense, it was indicated that the establishment of this Consulate General will contribute to increasing academic exchanges and cooperation on research issues. And our alma mater is interested in increasing the number of Peruvian students and working together in the area of Tropical Medicine, as it is a strength in the neighboring country.

During the inauguration of the Consulate of Peru in Medellín, directors of the institution attended. This space was conducive to making contacts that contributed to strengthening the ties of International Cooperation with this sister country. And in addition, our rector, Jorge Julián Osorio Gómez, expressed interest in Peruvian gastronomy, which is highly internationally recognized and raised the possibility that the consulate and the Faculty of Nutrition of the CES University work together in this regard.

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