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A historical view and from the Colombian legislation will be the approach that professionals from the CES University of Medellín will give to euthanasia in the forum that will address the current state of the subject.

The Euthanasia forum: historical notes and current situation will feature presentations by Dr. Juliana Mendoza Villa, physician and anesthesiologist, graduated from the Master's Degree in Bioethics at CES University. With her will be José Guillermo Anjel Rondó Ph. D. in Philosophy, lecturer, writer and professor in the Master in Bioethics.

The objective of this forum is to present to the attendees some notes on how euthanasia has been approached over time and to present the elements of legislation and bioethics related to euthanasia in some countries and in Colombia.”, Expressed Francisco Ochoa Jaramillo, of the coordinating team of the Master in Bioethics of the CES University.

Also, as part of the day, the book Plural Bioethics III will be presented. The text, written by professors, graduates and students of the Master's program in Bioethics, addresses some bioethical issues of human life and death, as well as other disciplines, such as Education, History, Philosophy, non-human animals , the environment, among others.

The Master in Bioethics, organizer of the event, is a four-semester program, with a secular, non-denominational approach, and a dialogic perspective, and is aimed at professionals from all disciplines interested in topics related to bioethics.

The forum and the presentation of the book Plural Bioethics III will be held in classroom C305 on August 30, 2019, in building C of the CES University, at its headquarters in El Poblado. It will be from 7:00 in the morning with free admission and open to the public.

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