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The CES University with the aim of generating a space in which the undertakings of the entire university community are made known and can establish business relationships, created theDirectory of startups and graduates.

In this digital space, the companies and enterprises of students, graduates, teachers, administrative employees, active managers or with a current contract at the University can be published; Parents, children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, spouses and in-laws of the aforementioned community members can also do so, so that new clients can be generated among them.Photograph of the portfolio of entrepreneurship of the CES University community

The Directory of startups and graduates It is an opportunity to increase the visibility of the companies of the university community and also contribute and help with the economic reactivation of the families of the University”Said Marcela Lopera Londoño, coordinator of the CES University Graduate Office.

So far in the directory there are approximately 40 published ventures, among which are jewelry stores, specialized consultations from different professions, shoe stores, professional photography, among others.

The Links Newsletter spoke with Jaime Eduardo Alzate Sierra, owner of the Special Projects company that is part of the portfolio, to find out his opinion about the initiative.

This CES University project seems very interesting to me because it gives us the option of knowing the products and services offered by the families of the community, of strengthening it by supporting the enterprises that are around it, and of aspiring to a high-value product or service added, because it will very surely have standards similar to those projected by the University ",highlighted Mr. Alzate Sierra.

People who want to know the portfolio can enter the followinglinkand see all the startups in the CES community.

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