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With the slogan of having a more interactive web page, the CES University from the areas of Organizational Communication, Marketing and the coordination of Laboratories created the 360º virtual tours of the laboratories that allow a visualization of the entire place and movement throughout the space with just one click. In these tours the visitor will be able to visit more than 30 laboratories from their computer, cell phone or tablet.

In the virtual tours you will findmorphology laboratoriesbasic sciencestraining trackrescue in confined spaces,engineering labspractical environmentsthat groups nutrition, psychology and law laboratories and finallydental laboratories.

Once you enter the virtual laboratories you can choose the one you want to observe, you have the option of moving with the controllers throughout the laboratory while you can identify all the work tools that are used in that space.

To understand how the virtual tours process has been, the Links Newsletter spoke with Laura Juliana Garzón Salas, web content manager at CES University.360 ° tour photography of the rescue track

At the beginning on the website there was only a description of the laboratory and some photos, but since last year we began the task of creating the 360º virtual tours, since it is very different to be told that in a laboratory there are 35 microscopes to which you can see them as if it were a real experience by taking a tour from where you are”, Said Mrs. Garzón Salas

Another of the peculiarities that the laboratory tours have is the accessibility component, which provides users with visual, auditory or cognitive disabilities the option of browsing the portal since the tours are also narrated.

The creation of this portal has also helped with young people who are interested in entering the University, since it is an appetizer of what they will find in the U, in addition to that current students have also liked the initiative a lot”Concluded Laura Juliana Garzón Salas.

People who want to enjoy the 360º virtual tours of the laboratories can do so through the followinglinkand if they have virtual reality glasses, they can also use them to enjoy the tour.

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