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Conference on Good Practices of Universal Accessibility sought to apply to our context.

The Faculty of Physiotherapy and the Secretariat for Social Inclusion, Family and Human Rights of the Mayor's Office of Medellín coordinated the Good Practices of Universal Accessibility conference where relevant elements for the elimination of barriers and the effective inclusion of people with disabilities were addressed.

Nelson Cardona Valencia, Biomedical Engineer and Natalí Roldán Berrio, Social Worker presented the appropriate accessibility conditions for the physical environment, transportation, information and communications; inviting reflection on how to build cities for all.

"Universal accessibility implies that the attributes and characteristics that make up an environment, good or service enable its use in conditions of comfort, safety and equity by all people, including people with disabilities ," said Alejandra Lopera Escobar, research professor at the Faculty of Physiotherapy.

This conference sought to strengthen knowledge about good universal accessibility practices that can be applied in our context.

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