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Photograph of Store UThe U Store that you know today, located on the fourth floor of building B, has been there since the opening of the building in 2012. Although before this event, the CES University warehouse was located in building C, where currently there is the Office of Admissions and Records, and the College of Nutrition and Food Sciences.

This was created to provide a better service to employees, in that they could purchase the products by payroll discount and so that students did not have to travel to other bookstores. Also, so that it was something profitable for the University.

To learn a little about the products, news and benefits offered by the University Store of our U, Armando Londoño Vásquez, store clerk, answered some questions for the Links Bulletin.

What products does the store have? "It has a wide collection of academic and literature books, educational books for children, leather goods, souvenirs, bags and backpacks, sports items, instruments for: veterinary medicine, nutrition, medicine and dentistry, products for your pet, uniforms and stationery in general" .

Photograph of the U Store of CES University

What are the news of the U Store? "At this time we have the literature books as a novelty, we have also brought other brands of leather goods such as Vélez, Totto, Amphora and Vintro. And we have the point of sale for Avices eggs ”.

At this moment, what promotions are there? "10 and 15% discount on some books and selected leather goods."

What are the benefits that the store gives to students and employees? “The benefits are many, for example, for the students regarding the bookstore, contact has been made with the publishers directly, so they give us great discounts that are shared with the students. And employees have the advantage that these items are deducted from payroll at zero interest, and for them the discount also counts. There is also the possibility of acquiring electrical appliances, cell phones, technology tools, through K-tronix, and informing us at which product you want to buy ”.

Stop by Shop U or by the On-line shopand get away from the wide variety of items found there.

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