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Elected Academic Council

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

The members of the Superior Council of the CES University decided to maintain and ratify the election of the candidates Sara Valderrama Marín (Principal) Andrés Arango Gaviria (Alternate) to student representative to the Academic Council for 2020.

The highest regulatory body of the institution defined, in a session of September 25, 2019, that the plate met all the requirements established by the Student Regulations. This, as a result of the cancellation of the panel composed by Pedro Juan Saldarriaga and Tomás Giraldo Hinestroza, due to an involuntary error in the University Information System and not due to any anomaly incurred by the applicants.

Through a statement, thealma materHe explained the decisions taken and reiterated that he assumed his responsibility and offered the most sincere excuses for the misunderstandings caused throughout the process of electing student representatives. (Know the statement).

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