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Superior Council Representatives

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

The ninth semester students of Medicine, Juliana Vélez Arroyave (principal) and Cristian Camilo Agudelo Quintero (substitute), were elected as student representatives before the Superior Council for the 2020 period.

Future doctors obtained 321 votes in favor of a total of 951 votes that were counted for this normative body in the elections of September 19 of this year. For the Superior Council, 12 candidates who made up six boards, all of them from different careers of the CES University, aspired.

In addition, the student community elected representatives to the Curriculum Committees of the 16 undergraduate careers of the institution. All of them will represent the interests of the students in each of the faculties.

Regarding the process of electing the student representatives before the Academic Council, the CES University informed through a statement that said election will be suspended until the session of the Superior Council, scheduled for this September 25, 2019 defines the representation.

In the statement, the institution recognized a failure in the Information System that mistakenly enabled one of the plates, which by Student Regulations could not aspire, a situation that was only known once the elections ended on September 19, 2019. Next , the statement issued by thealma mater .

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