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Photo: CES Gym Tips for the return of physical activity in its facilities

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

Gyms are one of the establishments that have resumed service from their facilities since September 1, as regulated by Resolution 1313 of the Ministry of Health. An expert from the CES Gymnasium and another from the University's Faculty of Physiotherapy, give some guidelines so that the return to exercise in these places is adequate.

Felipe Monsalve Vélez, physiotherapist at the CES Gymnasium, recommended some guidelines to take into account to take care of the health of users in physical activity outside the home.

Many people have had a long period of sedentary lifestyle in isolation, this can cause that when returning to physical activity the body is deconditioned and its response is not the best”Explained the physiotherapist Monsalve Vélez.

The professional, who is also a professor at the Faculty of Physiotherapy, added that having prolonged isolation time the immune system adapts to controlled conditions in the home where the microorganisms with which it comes into contact do not vary much, and that is why it must progressively recover its strengths in contact with the outside.

Santiago López Murillo, coordinator of Active and Healthy CES of the Office of Institutional Wellbeing, explained that in addition to taking into account this readjustment to physical activity and abroad, the biosecurity conditions of the place where you plan to resume training should be looked at .

We must verify that the place where we train has clear biosafety protocols and after that, that they tell us what they are and how to comply with them. In addition, each user and employee of that training place must have the personal protection elements to strictly comply with the protocols; since abiding by them is a shared responsibility and involves both the user and the gym and its staff "noted the coordinator.

Tips to consider

- It is recommended that before resuming exercise, a physical evaluation by experts must be made of what conditions are in the body and what are the goals of physical activity to be resumed in gyms: thus a work plan is established according to particular needs.

- In the work plan that is set, a progressive and adequate increase of different training variables must be specified. According to Felipe Monsalve, when resuming exercise after a sedentary period, the body can react inappropriately to the abrupt change in habits.

- A phase of adaptation to physical activity of 2 to 4 weeks is recommended, in which changes are generated at a physiological level, which make it possible to progressively improve physical condition.

- Exercise should be articulated with good and restorative periods of sleep and with a diet consistent with physical activity.

The CES Gymnasium resumed its activities as of September 21, 2020, on this note The conditions of service are detailed in the reopening.


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