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Do the math to make the money work for you. In times of isolation, food shortages and income reduction or restriction, a professor at CES University explains how to optimize resources during the mandatory isolation period.


Photograph of a 50,000 bill and a market in the back

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

"It is extremely important to pay for public services and not generate the corruption that shocks us so much, to support national products and look at what type of subscriptions we have that we are not really going to use," said the professor at the Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences, Andrés Flórez Gallego.

Regardless of the monthly income of a family home, they must allocate a minimum of 55% for the payment of public services, food and various necessary expenses.

Another important recommendation is to buy substitute products, since these are cheaper than the products of more recognized brands and in this way ensure the pocketbook by supporting small producers.

As a last recommendation, the use of the credit card should be minimal, only for what is necessary, since at a time of so much instability you have to be on the lookout for what might happen.

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