For reasons of the COVID-19 quarantine and in order to continue serving the university community, the Marketing area of the CES University, which is in charge of managing the Contact center, implemented the multi-agent tool called B2chat, this It helps to centralize the messages received from active communication channels such as social networks. In addition, it facilitates the interaction of several agents by optimizing response times.

Given the impossibility of using the telephone service and considering that we only had instant messaging channels at hand, we decided to implement the B2chat tool which we connected with our institutional WhatsApp services and the University's Facebook Messenger chat and thus be able to respond to them. more people with greater speed”, Commented Nancy Misas Álvarez, coordinator of the CES University Contact Center.

With the implementation of this tool, the University has managed to respond to the messages received through agents who are working at home. To date, more than 86,000 campaign activation messages have been sent to accompany the undergraduate and graduate registration process, CES University Gymnasium, graduates, continuing education, Organizational Communication Office, among others.

"We have received requests from the entire university community in general, from our applicants interested in careers, postgraduate degrees, and continuing education, and sometimes from users of some of our service centers as well as active students and different providers," said Mrs. Masses Álvarez.

People who want to use the institutional WhatsApp service can do so through the followinglinkand also from the option ofFacebook Messengerof the University.

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