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CONTIGO is the project, operated by the CES University and funded by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (Minciencias), which seeks to improve psychotherapy in the institutions that provide this service.

Institutions in cities such as Rionegro, Barranquilla and Bogotá are associated with the project. CONTIGO is the result of studies carried out by researchers from the CES University in the psychology service of the IPS CES Sabaneta.

“The project contributes a lot to reducing stigma and promoting care, which are two very important issues for psychologists when providing psychotherapy services. On the other hand, we are used to mental health being boring. In the project there is a clear perspective that taking care of ourselves and seeking help is normal, ” said Maria Paula Ruiz, a psychologist at CES University and a member of the project team.

The strategy to achieve this involves all the actors that intervene in the psychotherapy processes (the patient, the caregivers, the psychologist and the community in general) with different methodologies that include a virtual course for therapists and meetings with professionals who They are engaged in psychotherapy.

In addition to the above, to promote habits that improve mental health care, they have a campaign on social networks and the website These provide related information for the community interested in knowing how to take care of mental health, what to do to identify and deal with problems, or how to react if someone close to you has a bad time.

If you need to go to a professional, in the link On the page you will also find routes and options for institutions that provide psychology services and even offer a WhatsApp hotline to resolve any related concern.

CONTIGO is part of the result of the Call for the strengthening of research projects of CTeI (Strategic Agreements of Science, Technology and Innovation) in medical and health sciences with young talent and regional impact of Minciencias.

To learn more about this proposal, you can access their website or their social networks on Instagram as @ with and on Facebook as Proyecto Contigo.

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