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The Academic Act is the most important event of the CES University and that is where the best research, teachers and students are awarded. And in this event, Dr. Diana Isabel Muñoz Rodríguez was awarded with the laureate thesis for her doctoral thesis in Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

The winning thesis is a recognition given to doctoral students who have achieved high academic quality in their doctoral research project. Dr. Muñoz Rodríguez's research addresses the field of physical health of populations and biostatistics as a tool that is put at the service of health analysis.

"The thesis consisted of using a variety of biostatistical and epidemiological techniques in the analysis of how the environments in which we live and other social characteristics affect the decisions that we as individuals make to take care of our health, and that decision is physical activity", commented Dr. Muñoz Rodríguez.

Dra. Diana Isabel with the recognition of the laureate thesis

Photos: Organizational Communication Office

The project highlights the importance of physical activity as a fundamental tool for the control of chronic diseases and the role of this healthy behavior in achieving active aging processes for the population.

Chronic diseases are the main causes of mortality and morbidity worldwide and Colombia is one of the countries most affected by these diseases of high monetary and social cost; "And physical activity is the most cost-effective strategy that helps to minimize this negative impact on all population groups", added Dr. Diana Isabel Muñoz Rodríguez.

The project that went ahead after completing the doctorate was to create a research hotbed on physical activity and healthy lifestyles KineCES; “We created it within the Faculty of Physiotherapy, but it is open to all careers that are committed to better population health. For now, we have as a guest the Biomedical Engineering undergraduate, and we hope to be pioneers as a university in the promotion of healthy practices ", concluded the honoree.

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