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Photography: Safety and health at work

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

CES University employees will be able to participate in the elections of the members of the Joint Committee on Safety and Health at Work –Copasst- that will be held at the beginning of October.

The Copasst is responsible for promoting healthy and safe practices among the community of University employees; this through the members that make it up and who are elected by the same community of workers”, Explained Verónica Laverde Gómez, leader of Occupational Health and Safety.

The community of employees of the CES University will be able to vote for those who have applied to occupy a place among the 16 members of the Copasst. 4 main representatives and 4 alternates will be elected for 2 years; the remaining 8 will be chosen by Dr. Jorge Julián Osorio Gómez, rector of the University.

The Copasst serves as that great organism that coordinates between the employer, which in this case is the CES University, with the workers, the solutions to the problems that arise in safety and health at work. In this great sense there is a responsibility of dedication and love with the University and also with our colleagues”, Says Marco Antonio Cruz Duque, current president of Copasst.

Among the tasks that those who are part of the group will have will be to identify possible conditions that generate risks for work (accidents, incidents), have dialogue with employers to report these conditions and communicate the decisions made to their colleagues.

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