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The short filmThe other truth of the fleshwill participate in the XX Truth Film Festival of Barichara, which will take place between September 17 and 20, 2020 in a virtual way.

This is a co-production of the CES University with private companies in Colombia, directed by the professors of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics Juan Fernando Naranjo Ramírez and Cristian Camilo Chica Zapata and that was released on July 17, 2020.

Photography: Courtesy Camilo Chica Zapata

"Having been selected at the Barichara Green Film Festival is an honor and recognition of the hard work of many months, given the quality of the works that are presented, which are the best produced in the country in environmental matters, " said the teacher Cristian Camilo Chica Zapata.

As explained by the directors, the short film belongs to the genre of "scientific documentary"; It is divided into six parts, each lasting approximately four minutes; and it focused on showing the role that meat plays in human production and feeding processes, and how its role is being rethought to adapt to objectives that are sustainable with the environment.

“With this short we try to do a rigorous academic exercise regarding the myths associated with livestock, the consumption of meat and the role of farmers in polluting the planet; with validated sources and putting that in a language that can be widely disseminated ”, explained Juan Fernando Naranjo Ramírez.

Among the sources that appear in the documentary are biologists, managers of cattle ranches, university professors and workers associated with cattle ranching.

In addition to being presented at the Festival, the short will compete in the category of Best National Short Film. There is still no defined date for its projection in the days of the virtual event, but in this linkcan be seen complete.

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