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The Dictionary of Signs is the new project that arises from the Faculty of Physiotherapy and the Faculty of Medicine of the CES University, in company with the Antioqueña Association of Deaf People (ASANSO). This dictionary looks for new signs to facilitate the understanding of the deaf person with the health professional.
They will create a sign dictionary for the deaf with an emphasis on health care

The Faculties of Physiotherapy and Medicine of the CES University and the Antioqueña Association of Deaf People (ASANSO), are building a dictionary of signs, together with an application. Such a dictionary is for the benefit of deaf people, since, so far, there are many words that have no sign as to the state of health of people.

This project, financed mainly by Colciencias, has three phases: the first is to know the experiences and situations that deaf people have had with health professionals, from that to determine what are those words that still do not have a sign, the second phase is to create the sign and the third is to build the dictionary.

Jessica Ayala Hernández, professor at the Faculty of Physiotherapy and principal investigator of the project, explains that "There are many words that do not have a sign regarding the state of health of people, so that also makes it difficult for deaf people to understand, what they have and also for the health professional to be able to explain them".

"This sign is presented to the rest of the Colombian deaf population so that they can validate if they feel identified, it is clear or there is another proposal and from there the sign is consolidated," concluded teacher Jessica Ayala Hernández.

The sign dictionary and the application began as a project in February 2019, its delivery is expected in three years and it will have two versions, physical and digital.

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