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The CES University Language Center has a wide offer and special discounts for the Institution's employees, both teachers and administrative staff, in all its current courses.

This center aims to accompany all its students (students or employees of the University) in their process or their project of interest, such as: strengthening and promoting transparency of knowledge, producing research articles, supporting the realization of life projects in another country, to stimulate the capacities and cultural interests and especially to train in different languages.

The Language Center offers specific discounts for employees, both administrative and teaching, of the University, this discount is 15% on the value of the courses. It is also approved by the Academic Council that each administrative department or faculty has the power to decide whether to support their employees in an additional amount from 35% to 50% of the value of the language course.Advertising piece of the Language Center of the CES University

"This last mentioned discount is an opportunity that has been given to areas and faculties to improve the second language skills of University employees, and thus enhance their work performance," added the coordinator of the Language Center of the CES University, Camila Pinzón Valencia.

As of July 1, the Center has open registrations for the second semester of 2019 in: English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Colombian sign language.

The coordinator Pinzón expressed "For teachers and employees of the Faculties of Physiotherapy and Law we have the opportunity to train them in Colombian sign language, since Colombian law has given importance to the rights of deaf people to be treated in their own language."

If you are an employee and you are interested in learning any of these languages, come to the Language Center, located in Building B, fifth floor, between July 1 and 22 to complete the registration process.

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