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photograph of the facade of the cvz

Photograph: Office of Communications and Marketing

With the updating of the protocols in which the temperature measurement and disinfection mats are no longer used as parameters designated by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institute of Salud (INS), the Veterinary and Zootechnical Center - CVZ - of the CES University continues to provide service in a biosecure manner with the rest of the measures.

The most effective protocols dictated by the Ministry of Health and maintained by the CVZ are ventilated work spaces, hand sanitization points such as sinks and antibacterial gel dispensers, the mandatory use of a mask during the entire time that you remain in the clinic and physical distancing that is indicated in the waiting areas and cafeteria.

"The biosecurity measures implemented in the CVZ have been expected to be effective, since internal and external customers feel we are in a safe place ," said Cindy Vanessa Isaza Pareja, CVZ Quality Coordinator.

To control the capacity, the registration of the user's identity card is requested at the entrance and each patient can only be accompanied by one person in face-to-face care.

According to Isaza Pareja, the use of N95 masks has been too effective in the service, since in some places it is difficult to maintain physical distance and this has prevented possible contagion between colleagues. At the same time, adequate cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and waste management continue, such as the setting up of a garbage point to deposit disposable personal protection items.

Finally, students, collaborators and teachers who enter the service center must complete the completion of the web applicationCES takes care of methat the University enabled since the beginning of the pandemic.

The CVZ continues to provide 24/7 attention as one of the services that are exempted from the restrictive measures of the Government of Antioquia.

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