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The direction of the Veterinary and Zootechnical Center (CVZ), headed by Dr. Carolina Cataño Gil, is working on developing and implementing a Patient Safety and Quality Assurance System -SGC and SP- a series of measures that for the first time Once in Colombia, they will be applied to animal health to care for and improve the services provided at the headquarters.

"This would be a differential factor among all veterinary clinics because it would lead us to advance new practices from patient safety. Creating with this a competitive advantage, increasing the satisfaction of all our users and the continuous improvement of the processes ”, said Vanessa Isaza Pareja, CVZ Quality Coordinator.

For all institutions that provide human health services, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection requires the Mandatory System for the Quality Assurance of Health Care under resolution 3100. For veterinary clinics this System is optional, for this reason the CVZ voluntarily accepts the measures that must be applied in health care institutions.

Some of the protocols adapted to the veterinary clinic are the identification of the green collar in patients who are hospitalized and do not require special care, cleaning instructions in order to minimize the risks of infections and the labeling of medications to reduce errors in their management.

As part of the first phase of the operation of the System, a total of 14 leaders, representing all the personnel of each service, received a Patient Safety course directed by the Faculty of Medicine of the CES University adapted to the needs of the CVZ with topics such as basic aspects of security, safe practices in health care services and information management for security.

CVZ will start the campaign soon The quality is you, which seeks to make the internal public aware of the SGC and SP, highlighting the importance that each position and function have for the success of these measures.

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