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The Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences of the CES University and the Ozono company carried out a project that helps the environment and in turn makes it sustainable.
This project consisted of 3 electric bicycles that arrived in July 2019 and it is expected that 7 more will arrive in August.

"We are waiting from time to time to be able to speak with Ozono to expand the number of bicycles, taking into account that these bicycles are not giving us supplies," says Andrés Flórez Gallego, teacher and consultant at the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences.

For the Faculty it is very important that the University Community realize that the project is not looking for profitability but sustainability and help the environment, that is why its rental prices are similar to that of the public transport service: Time: $ 3,000, day $ 15,000 and the month $ 150,000

At the moment there are three products: rent per hour, per day and per month.
The sustainable project is awaiting authorization from the Metro de Medellín company to authorize a service station in Poblado; This means that the users of electric bicycles will have the possibility of getting to the subway by bicycle and reaching the CES University.

"Additionally, what we do is generate within the administration students themselves, empowerment to draw administrative strategies that allow generating the greatest boom within the program," concluded the project leader Andrés Flórez Gallego.


Electric bicycle

Photo: Organizational Communication Office

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