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Photography: New Book

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A series of travel memories and stories from the tropics navigating rivers aboard an estuary. So it could be portrayed From Lima to Bajo Chocó 1849, the new book with which the Editorial CES of the CES University of Medellín highlights the narrative and exodus log of the Antioqueño doctor, writer, scientist and politician Manuel Uribe Ángel.

“It was the year 1848. A merchant brig of the Peruvian navy set sail in the port of Callao, in the direction of Pailón, located on the maritime borders of the Republics of New Granada and Ecuador, a port still poorly known by the diplomats in charge of settling the border controversy between the two nations. I was sailing on that ship ”, is how the story of the Envigadeño (1822-1904) begins.

The book features the participation of the Colombian writer Ricardo Silva Romero in the prologue, who describes the text as a “a trip that has hunger, fear, small shipwrecks, diseases, anger, nostalgia, insurmountable setbacks ", by warning that he will not run the risk of revealing the last scene, by hinting that it would be "without air".

From Lima to Bajo Chocó 1849 is an 86-page title, in which you can also see images from the photographic archive of the Pilot Public Library of Medellín, illustrations in oil paint on ivory sheet, and some maps that trace the journey of Manuel Uribe Angel. Also, the volume is part of the Raices Collection, of Editorial CES, which will feature works and authors that make up the historical, cultural, scientific, medical and literary consciousness of the deep-rooted past in Colombia.

“Our idiosyncrasy has the habit of looking far away, in other countries; however, it is enough to stop looking down at the earth and contemplate the cultural treasures that Colombia has. That is the Raíces Collection: dignifying our authors from the past, today ”, expressed Roger David Sánchez Bravo, coordinator of Editorial CES.

The essayist and university professor Felipe Restrepo David also intervenes in the work, when he expounds on the facets of life, travel and the death of Uribe Ángel in his nineteenth-century journey.

The launch of the book will take place on November 4, 2020 through the institutional YouTube channel of the CES University at 4:00 pm The presentation will include the writer Ricardo Silva Romero, and the essayist and university professor Felipe Restrepo David, under the moderation of Adriana Muñoz, cultural coordinator of the institution.

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