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Photo Dean of Nursing CES

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Dr. Dedsy Yajaira Berbesi Fernández is the dean of the Faculty of Nursing from CES University and a researcher with extensive experience in the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Her research began more than ten years ago and she is considered one of the academics who has worked the most on HIV research projects in vulnerable populations in the country.

The teacher Berbesi Fernández has been at our institution for twelve years, years in which she has developed her studies, first, with the demobilized population, the transgender and youth community.

The first population that was investigated was the demobilized, that was the first time in the country that this group was taken as a sample. After that, HIV infection was investigated in people who inject drugs.”, Indicated the Dean of Nursing CES.

After the study of people who inject drugs, there was more talk in Colombia about the relationship between the consumption of hallucinogenic substances and HIV, since these groups are a minority and are often not taken into account, so it was very important demonstrate the health situation of these populations.

The main groups vulnerable to HIV are men who have relationships with other men, transgender women, people who use injecting drugs and in Colombia also street dwellers”, Explained the researcher Berbesi.

According to the teacher, carrying out these investigations has not been easy at all, since it is not only complex to establish a connection of trust with the groups to be investigated, but also that resources are not permanently assigned to carry them out and the actions of Recommended prevention cannot always be applied in territorial entities.

Likewise, the Dean of Nursing has been the co-author of several books, in addition to having achieved different recognitions throughout her career and being classified as a Senior Researcher in the new Ministry of Science and Technology.

Last year (2019) the Nursing Technical Council gave me an award in the category of Research and Innovation for my research career", Added Dedsy Yajaira Berbesi.

Some of the publications in which she is the author and co-author are:HIV prevalence study in demobilized population of Bajo Cauca; Study of HIV prevalence and risk behaviors associated with injecting drug users in Medellín and Pereira; and recently the books of:Vulnerability to HIV and HIV prevalence in transgender women in three Colombian cities: Bogotá, Medellín and Santiago de Cali,YSexual behavior and HIV prevalence in men who have sex with men in three Colombian cities: Bogotá, Medellín and Santiago de Cali.

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