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Photograph of Dean Dedsy Yajaira Berbesi Fernández

And yes, our dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Dedsy Yajaira Berbesi Fernández, was the winner, on May 10, 2019, of the recognition for Leadership and Innovation in Nursing, in the Research and Teaching category, by the Departmental Technical Council of Nursing of Antioquia.

Dedsy Berbesi is a Specialist and Master in Epidemiology, PhD in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from CES University, but above all she has graduated from nursing for more than 23 years and is currently the dean of the Faculty.

This award for Leadership and Innovation in Nursing is a recognition of nursing leaders and especially their work and trajectory, taking into account the commemoration of Nurse's Day and an impulse so that more nurses are encouraged to investigate, since only one in every thousand nurses investigates.

Recognition photograph

This recognition of nursing leadership in each category was accompanied by an award for the winners. Our dean received financial remuneration and the right to take a diploma in Clinical Epidemiology at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana.

For Dean Berbesi there are many challenges ahead “Motivate my students, teachers and future graduates in research. In a personal way, to start working much more in nursing research because almost all the previous research I have is on topics of vulnerable populations, but not in nursing specifically, and to inspire and support other colleagues to do so as well ”.

This is a recognition of the work and dedication of Dean Dedsy Yajaira Berbesi Fernández, highlighting her leadership and sense of innovation in research and teaching in the field of Colombian nursing.

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