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Photo- Enamel defect

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

The book written between Colombian and Brazilian researchers in teaching Hypomineralization of Molars and Incisors (HMI) arose in response to a need that dentists in general had to know more about hypomineralization, a frequent condition that affects molar and incisor teeth and consists of the defects found in their enamel.

Having HMI in the teeth makes people more susceptible to cavities, tooth fractures or even losing the affected tooth. The professor of the Faculty of Dentistry and co-author of the book HMI, Dr. Manuel Restrepo Restrepo, spoke about this work: “the exact cause of this condition is not yet known, it is said that it is due to a defect in the tooth enamel for reasons multifactorial, with a possible genetic component ”.

The title has the participation of 46 co-authors, all teachers and researchers from Brazil and Colombia. The review was made by 6 experts, including Dr. Restrepo Restrepo, who met weekly through the Skype application to share their contributions to the document and achieve the same language. The work was launched the last week of January 2020 during the São Paulo International Dental Congress in Brazil.

“This is the first book published on this subject in the world. Carrying out the revision was a challenge for us because we were in different places, but we were able to synthesize information of interest to general and specialist dentists in a work, ”concluded Restrepo.

It should be noted that the book has only been published in Portuguese, but according to the Colombian teacher it is expected that the work will be translated into more languages as there have been requests from other countries.

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