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22 athletes from CES University will represent the institution at the ASCUN 2019 National Games, where for the first time the women's volleyball team will represent the University in a team sport.

The 22 athletes will be competing in the disciplines of women's volleyball, field tennis, athletics, swimming and karate kata modality. For this, the delegation of competitors has a total of 19 women and 3 men, and this is complemented in turn with the assistance of the active and healthy CES coordinator, a physiotherapist, five coaches and a delegate of the games by the CES University.University swim team photo

Santiago López, active and healthy CES coordinator, explained the qualification process for the tournament “It is a qualifying tournament, in the first semester of this year we had regional zones, competing against all the universities in our department and thanks to the good volleyball presentations , athletics, karate-do, swimming and field tennis, we obtained the quota to represent the CES University in the National University Games to be held in Barranquilla in September ”.

Among the athletes is Melisa Navarro, captain of the women's volleyball team, who commented on the enthusiasm for qualifying for the tournament "It is a goal that we were envisioning a long time ago and we have been working to achieve it, this is the result of the effort and teamwork that we have all had”.

The ASCUN 2019 National Games will take place from September 17 to 30 in Barranquilla. However, the participants continue their training in order to give the best results in the competition.

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