Photo team for evaluation in CESNUTRAL, evaluating a patient

At the age of 12, Hanna Manuela Ruiz Sierra was captivated by taekwondo, a martial arts sport, which she saw training for the first time when a private club for the discipline arrived at her school in Medellín.

Now, at age 14, Ruiz Sierra is part of the select group of 150 athletes of Team Medellín, a program of the Medellín Mayor's Office that seeks to support local athletes with high performance potential in different disciplines.

Thanks to the agreement signed by Inder, promoter of the program, with the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences of the CES University; Hanna Manuela and other athletes in competition have passed through the Center for Advanced Studies in Nutrition and Food - CESNUTRAL- to receive a complete assessment.

I think the assessment at CES University is very good. It is something that benefits us that is for us. Likewise, all the professionals of the Team have been very dedicated to us and are always looking for our continuous improvement"Said Hanna in the company of her mother at the conclusion of a bone mineral content assessment session in the Dexa team.

Team of nutritionists evaluating the results of the assessmentAfter concluding the analysis of the corporal composition, in charge of the teacher Maximiliano Kammerer López; Luz Stella Sierra, Hanna's mother, highlighted from the CES specialists the diagnosis that determined for the adolescent to increase protein consumption and reduce sugar intake for the young Taekwondo promise from Antioquia.

It is something that every athlete must have from the beginning. We give ourselves the luxury of having the benefit, both Team Medellín and CES University have supported us a lot and the people are super loved. It has helped me personally a lot to clear doubts about their diet”, Expressed Mrs. Sierra.

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