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Andrés Henao Alzate is a student at the Faculty of Physiotherapy of the CES University who is studying his first semester. Andrés enjoys going to the university gym with his friends or playing table tennis, which is also his sport.

“Mi Hermoso”, as his mother Julie María Alzate Henao tells him in sign language, is one of the deaf students who are part of our University. He attends the classes together with his interpreter Fanny Bolívar who is as if she were just another student, who is in charge of communicating what the teacher says and if Andrés has a question, it is Fanny who transmits it to the teacher.

Andrés usually travels by subway to attend his classes, he lives in the San Antonio de Prado district with his grandmother and mother, since his father Iván Darío Henao López lives in the United States, but despite the distance “ he is a great support for the life of his son ”, comments Andrés's mother, Julie Alzate Henao.

“My routine at the University is very simple, I meet my friends Juan Pablo and Juan Andrés, we talk nonsense for a while since they have learned a little sign language; which impresses me a lot. We also go to play table tennis sometimes or I just go home to do my homework ”, Andrés responded to the Links Bulletin through the WhatsApp network.

Photo of student andrés Henao with his table tennis team

Photography: Courtesy Julie María Alzate

The reason why Andrés decided to study Physiotherapy is to help the deaf community, especially athletes, since according to him at the Antioquia level there is no one deaf who dedicates himself to this. And yes it is that Andrés is also an athlete, he is part of the Antioquia table tennis team with which he has already played several tournaments.

"The best experience I have had with table tennis was when I played the 2019 Paranational Sports Games, which were in Cartagena where I was able to get two bronze medals," said Andrés Henao.

The work that highlights the student Henao of ouralma materIt is to have found him an interpreter, Fanny Bolívar, who has been involved in his student world and has also made his classmates understand a little about the world of deaf people. Andrés says he found a family at CES and despite his little time being part of this institution, he feels that it has given him a lot.

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