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In December 2019, the results of the National Call 833 of 2018 came out, for the recognition and measurement of research, technological development or innovation groups and for the recognition of researchers from the National Science System.

The results of this call were presented by Colciencias, which shows the category of the 33 research groups of the University presented to the entity in charge of promoting Science, Research and Technology in Colombia.

CES university facade

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

The evaluation items according to Colciencias to a research group, ranges from the analysis to the scientific production, the research carried out, the production of the researchers, to the social impact that is generated through this research project.

“The measurement of research groups is relevant within the scientific context and particularly in universities, because it allows us to look at the relevance of the research that is being developed, the real impact that it has on the environment and the way in which that research enters into reality to apply this knowledge generated in favor of improving social conditions, people's quality of life and having an impact on the environment ” , commented Jhon Freddy Vásquez Rivera, technology transfer analyst at CES University.

The Colombian Institute of Tropical Medicine - ICMT has one of the groups recognized by Colciencias and is in category A1, that is, of high impact and that the results produce a positive effect on the environment.

The National Call for the recognition and measurement of research groups has different categories such as: A1, A, B and C. All are differentiated by their impact, scientific requirements and years of existence.

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