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With the idea of adapting to virtual communication and delivering endorsed scientific information, CES University has a cycle of live talks every Monday at 10:00 am through its official Facebook page where different topics of interest from all faculties so that the community in general can interact and be informed during these days of confinement.

The live broadcasts have been very well received since we have an average of between 80 and 90 viewers connected while the live broadcast is taking place and there is also an average of 20 to 25 questions”, Said David Bentham Arias, analyst at the Office of Organizational Communication of the University.

So far, 5 live broadcasts have been carried out in which topics such as the sighting of wildlife in the city, the administration of personal finances during quarantine, labor hiring and food preservation, among others, have been addressed.

Nutrition teacher photograph on a Facebook live

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

This is a great opportunity to put the knowledge and experience of CES University professionals and employees at the service of the wider community. People sometimes require guidance and clarity in various activities, in the specific issues that are generated by the quarantine and the current contingency or even in those that are daily”, Commented Faiber Jaramillo Yepes, professor of Nutrition and Dietetics who participated in one of the talks.

In the next live broadcasts, it is expected to talk about how to face the quarantine for people who are living alone, advice will also be given on skin care, information will be given to the community on how to attend a dental emergency, and care will be explained special for pets during confinement, among other issues.

To enjoy live broadcasts, you must enter the page ofCES University Facebookevery Monday at 10:00 am

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