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Editorial CES offers free books from its website so that people can enjoy literature in these times of confinement. In this initiative two lines of texts are offered, the projectTell us, pocket talesThey are written and illustrated by anyone who wants it and academic books and research.

“The Cuéntanos project is very beautiful because each book is a collaborative work: the authors and illustrators donate their work, and the Editorial publishes the story for free for the community. It is a union of efforts that aims to promote reading and writing, " said Roger David Sánchez Bravo, coordinator of Editorial CES.

"This has been a great initiative since at the time it arose with the purpose of giving free literature, especially to those who do not have the resources to buy books and for this contingency, it is vital since very good texts can be shared with the family" , commented Héctor Jiménez Arboleda, professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics of the CES University and author of the book The spectrum and the house that is in the catalog of the Editorial CES.

To access the books, you must enter from any device to the page of theCES Editorial

The other line of the initiative is made up of academic and informative texts and documents. There you will find the Fauna Identification Guide of northern Colombia. You can also find livestock production manuals and bulletins such as the bioethics "Etices".

"I was looking for some stories and I managed to find some very interesting ones at Editorial CES, and I also like very much that they give you the option to read or listen to it, these initiatives are what can save one in the middle of this quarantine, " said Catalina Acevedo Ruiz, user of Editorial CES.

People who are interested in participating by sending their story or illustration, can contact the CES Editorial

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