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Version 1.001 of the Retail Competition with Storewars, the world's most important business simulator in the Retail area, was successfully completed in Santiago de Chile, where the main objective is learning and decision-making regarding the management of the different processes of the sector to achieve competitiveness.

The event, which was held in Latin America for the first time by the company América Retail, had thirty participants representing different and recognized Latin American companies and multinationals as guests. Among them was the CES University, which, through the Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences and its coordinator of the Extension area, Juan Carlos Escudero Montoya, participated in the exercise and was a member of the winning team in the simulation work carried out.

During the three days of the exercise, the decisions that a Retail company must make in a period of two years were simulated. The winning team was the one that managed, based on these decisions, to have a better market share and the generation of a higher EVA (economic added value).

"They gave us financial information for a company with sales of over 6,500 million dollars, with this we had to make certain decisions throughout the three days, each day simulated 6 months of management," says coordinator Juan Carlos Escudero Montoya, who is also a professor of the Business Administration program and the management postgraduate programs of the University.

The next version of the event in Latin America will be in Colombia in September of this year, and the Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences will be there as co-organizer.

“Bringing the program to Colombia is a felt need of the sector, there are no programs similar or close to the skills they develop, much less in three days. It is a unique opportunity that cannot be missed ” , concludes the teacher.

Teacher Juan Carlos Escudero with a group of people at Storewars

Photography: Juan Carlos Escudero Montoya

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