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Carlos Andrés Delgado Vélez, professor of the Ecology program at CES University, was one of the 19 students who took part in the first International Course on Ascent to the Canopy for Research and Conservation of Neotropical Forests that was carried out in the Río Reserve Of course, eastern Antioquia.

“It was an international course, organized by the Natural Alliance Foundation and the US Canopy Watch organization with 4 instructors: 2 from Canada and 2 from the US, who have extensive experience in canopy climbing. What we were doing was climbing trees all the time, knowing the safety techniques, what questions to ask, how to develop the projects, among others ” , said teacher Delgado.

The importance of this course was to know the whole process of climbing the trees and the different techniques of ascent to the canopy, since many researchers are interested in studying that part of the forest, one of the most unexplored of the tropical forests, but they do not count with the equipment and do not know the proper techniques to perform the ascent.

After this experience, the teacher Carlos Delgado wants to make school with everything he learned in this course, as he expressed it: “One of my goals is to appropriate the techniques and share them in my projects and in my courses. I would also like, and in the U we have already started to advance the process a little, to do the course here at the CES University in association with Alianza Natural and Canopy Watch. I would love for the CES University to be one of the organizers of this course, that we can develop it in Medellín and that, for example, we can hold a previous event in 2020 about the research that has been developed in the canopy and the importance of its conservation ”.

Teacher ascending between trees
Photography: Alianza Natural Foundation

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