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From the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja (UTPL), Ecuador, the professor Diana Gabriela Moreira Aguirre, an expert in education and culture of peace, gender, violence and alternative means of conflict resolution came to the CES University.
The teacher received an invitation from the Faculty of Psychology of the San Buenaventura University of Cali and the CES University to participate in an academic agenda to get to know the institutions, learn about experiences, guidelines, strengthen joint work and participate in a conference.

"I am very happy with the expectation of being able to specify so many things that are discussed within these academic agendas and what we want is to strengthen the relationship with this institution and allow us to define a line of joint work" , expressed Gabriela Moreira Aguirre.

On July 23, the Ecuadorian teacher had a conference with an open public on experiences and methodology of education for peace in educational contexts, it was an academically enriching space where there was also public participation with observations and proposals.

On July 24, he had a space with law students in the courtroom and the agenda was closed in a meeting with the director of the Psychology, health and society research group of the same Faculty, Nadia Moratto Vasquez. The purpose of the meeting was to establish which are the strongest lines on the part of the two universities and to strengthen joint work.

"Then we are going to define some activities in which we can continue to get involved, I think it is an interesting space to learn about the university, its structure, its strengths and what we can have an impact on later," concluded the guest teacher.

Teacher Gabriela Moreira Aguirre giving an interview

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