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During these times of confinement from the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been said that the people most at risk are adults over the age of 60. For this reason, from the Facebook Live that the CES University has been doing in its official account, the issue ofRisks and Care in Older Adults Faced with COVID-19.

The presentation was given by the teacher and specialist nurse María Clara Ocampo Escobar and it tried to clarify some doubtful situations that may arise during the pandemic season.

According to specialist Ocampo, during these times of confinement older adults can suffer psychological and physical problems. On the one hand, anxiety, nervousness and depression can appear easily and complicate the evolution of people in their daily lives.

On the other hand, also problems of cardiovascular origin, metabolic diseases such as diabetes and situations of fragility that represent immune aging can be some of the problems that can arise in these times.Screenshot of a nursing teacher's talk about the elderly and Covid-19

It is very important to bear in mind that what can most influence older adults is the thought we have towards them and even what they have. Normally they do not express what they are thinking and there comes a point where their heads can be thrown into chaos, especially when they are constantly hearing on the news that they are the ones most in danger from the pandemic”Said Ms. Ocampo Escobar.

At Live they also talked about the most common symptoms that can alert an adult to a possible contagion, such as a temperature higher than 38 degrees, cough and throat clearing, earache, difficulty breathing, among others.

It does not mean that, if these symptoms occur in an adult, they are positive for COVID-19, but it is an alert so that you can warn that things are not right”, Stressed the specialist.

Likewise, if an older adult tests positive for COVID-19, they must continue in home isolation and follow the recommendations of the health system they went to for the test.

For people who have any suspicions about the possibility that a member of their household is infected or even themselves, it is recommended to notify health personnel for guidance and procedures, in addition to cleaning and disinfection with alcohol of common areas such as dining room , living room, bathrooms, among others. Constant hand washing is also important and if disposable gloves are used, remember to use them only once.

People who want to find out and see the full video, can enter the followinglink.

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