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Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

María Luisa Toro Hernandez, professor at the Faculty of Physiotherapy and member of the Center for Innovation in Disability CID-CES of the CES University, was part of the Global Report on Assistive Technology (GReAT) Consultation carried out by the World Health Organization last month August in Geneva, Switzerland.

At the meeting, the Physiotherapy teacher presented the workThe support products sector in Colombia: national policies and experiences of representatives within the National Disability System.

Thanks to technological advances in communications, this work could be carried out with three representatives of civil society organized before Municipal Disability Councils, a physiotherapist who is an expert in support products in Medellín and the teacher and researcher María Luisa Toro, a biomedical engineer graduated from CES and PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences, which is virtually linked to CES University

“This project allowed us to strengthen the relationship between academia and social leaders as equals in the research process. The next step will be to disseminate what has been learned with the academic community and the actors of the National Disability System ”, expressed Maria Luisa Toro on the scope of the project

The main purpose of this event was to recognize access to support products as a human right; Furthermore, the World Health Organization (WHO) has identified it as a priority for development and fulfilling the mandate of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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