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León Mario Toro Cortés, CENDES coordinator and professor at the Faculty of Law, was one of the speakers at this Seminar, which took place on October 24 and 25, 2019 at the Guillermo Cárdenas Jaramillo Theater of the CES University. The teacher, on this occasion, had the opportunity to tell about the experience and services offered by CENDES on expert opinions.

"The intervention was about the expert opinion, their request and their control within the processes, so the invitation filled us with great satisfaction because we were able to show our service at the request of the event managers and some experiences of CENDES were shared with them" , said Dr. Toro Cortés.

Guests at the seedbed in front of the theater

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

The Seminar Perspectives on Tort Law is an activity that the Inter-Institutional Procedural Law Network organizes every year inviting national and international speakers to talk about how the rights to damages are claimed. Those attending the event are lawyers and law students from different Higher Education Institutions in the country who want to specialize and learn more about this topic.

The importance of the Tort Law Seminar is that lawyers can learn how to claim the rights that are violated to patients or users of the Colombian health system, “When a patient undergoes a cesarean section, she believes that there was poor medical care, but one way to know if it was done well or badly is with the evaluation made by an obstetrician gynecologist on the specific case; As the lawyer and the judge are not specialists in these issues and want to know what happened, we take care, through our expert teachers of Medicine or in any of the other areas of health, to show what happened in clear words and objective and based on that opinion, a substantive decision will be made to grant or deny the claimed right ", concluded the coordinator of CENDES León Mario Toro Cortés.


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