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The professor and researcher at the CES University School of Dentistry, Jairo Robledo Sierra, participated as a reviewer in the oral microbiome group of the Seventh World Workshop on Oral Medicine in Gothenburg, Sweden, and contributed to the preparation of two articles that were published about 3 weeks ago in a special issue of Oral Diseases magazine.

'Targeting the microbiome for oral medicine specialists - Part 1: A methodological guide' and 'Targeting the oral microbiome - Part 2: Current knowledge on malignant and potentially malignant oral disorders' are the two articles in which the professor of the Faculty of Dentistry He worked together with a group of experts who are related to the role played by bacteria and other types of oral microorganisms in the development of diseases of the oral mucosa, especially oral cancer.

These publications seek to discover the role that bacteria play in the development of diseases such as oral lichen planus. Bacteria and other types of microorganisms in the development of oral diseases are fundamental, currently researchers and experts on the subject have been observing that oral cancer can have as one of its causes the bacteria that we all have in the mouth.

“The Seventh World Workshop on Oral Medicine had 8 groups, which systematically reviewed the literature in order to update the scientific community on specific topics in this area of dentistry. Each group was made up of an expert leader on the subject, four literature reviewers, and different consultants. In our group the leader was Ellen Frandsen Lau, Professor of Oral Microbiology at Aarhus University (Denmark). Researchers from Italy, Israel and the United States accompanied me as reviewers, and within the group of consultants there were experts from Germany, England and the United States ” , explained Dr. Robledo Sierra.

For a year and a half the members of each group met virtually and, in September 2018, they met in person in Gothenburg (Sweden) to finalize the details of the articles and present the results of the research at the Fourteenth Biennial Congress of the European Association of Oral Medicine.

For Dr. Robledo Sierra it was a great honor to have participated in this prestigious workshop. “It gives you a lot of international visibility as a researcher and also to the institution you represent, in this case the CES University. The publications that result from the work of this workshop have historically had a great impact on the academic community and have received a high number of citations ", he claimed.

To learn more about these and the other articles from the last World Oral Medicine Workshop that were published in Oral Diseases.

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