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Dr. Mauricio Vasco Ramírez, head of Clinical Simulation and professor at the CES University School of Medicine, attended the 72nd Assembly of the World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland.

The World Health Assembly is the supreme decision-making body of the World Health Organization (WHO), and meets in Geneva in May of each year with the attendance of delegations from Member States and the presence of non-state actors recognized by The OMS.

Photograph of Dr. Mauricio Vasco at WHO 2019

Dr. Vasco Ramírez came to this Assembly as part of the delegation of the World Federation of Anesthesiology Societies (WFSA) of which he is part of its directive committee; is a non-state organization recognized by the WHO and is the most important global alliance of anesthesiologists.

"We anesthesiologists are leaders in teamwork and patient safety, and we are experts in anesthesia, perioperative care, resuscitation, intensive medicine and pain treatment, all of these are essential skills to achieve universal health coverage" , thus It was expressed by the head of Clinical Simulation, Mauricio Vasco Ramírez.

His presentation as a professor at the CES University School of Medicine in the Satellite Symposium called Strengthening surgical, obstetric and anesthetic care in the world was highlighted, in which the 6 indicators for monitoring universal access to surgical services and of anesthesia in Colombia.

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