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Jairo Robledo Sierra

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

Doctor Jairo Robledo, who is part of the most important Oral Pathology group in the world, participated as the author of 2 articles in which a general review of the topic of Oral Cancer is given.

With great joy, the Faculty shared the result of an arduous work lasting more than a year and a half. These are two reviews carried out by the interdisciplinary group of oral microbiome of theWorld Workshop on Oral Medicine, of which Dr. Jairo Robledo Sierra is a participant and active member and which have just been published in a special edition of the magazineOral Diseases, along with reviews from the other groups.

For the academic community, it is a great pride that the CES University School of Dentistry appears on the front pages of research in oral medicine in the world.

In the links that appear below, you can download the respective articles directly from the page, which I hope will serve as a reference for everyone.

Congratulations to Dr. Robledo Sierra, not only for this particular achievement, but for being an active part of this group of scientists, research and study of the world, where our Faculty is one of the few active in Latin America.

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