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Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

Teachers of the Comfama compensation fund will be trained by the CES University Language Center to update the pedagogical and didactic tools that early childhood teachers use to teach English.

The language center proposal will be developed from two modules. The first will update teachers on preschool education based on the theories of multiple intelligences, that is, it is the different approaches and skills of teaching and learning. The second module will instruct teachers on assertive teaching to generate intercultural skills in children.

“We have been selected to carry out this training precisely because of that innovative component proposed by the CES Language Center, based on experiential learning methodology to explore multiple intelligences, and on the other hand, being able to positively impact society through teaching intercultural skills to teachers and students ”, commented the coordinator of the Language Center, Camila Pinzón Valencia.

Teachers will have experiential learning, that is, exploration and experimentation to build learning, and from there they will develop the didactic teaching material for the different intelligences that they may find in their classrooms.

This training for foreign language teachers in early childhood will be carried out at the CES University, with the aim of being replicated in the different Comfama schools.

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