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Dino Tuberquia Muñoz and Juan David Sánchez Londoño, professors of the Faculty of Sciences and Biotechnology of the CES University, together with Juan Luis Parra Vergara, professor of the University of Antioquia, were the editors of the book"Biodiversity Studies in Alto de San Miguel"It contains eleven investigations on the biodiversity of fauna and flora found in a forest area in the municipality of Caldas, Antioquia.

Alto de San Miguel is a forest reserve that has 1,800 hectares of forest, protected by the Aburrá Valley, since the Medellín River is born there. In the book published by Editorial CES there is an inventory of some species such as: birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and flora, together with the state of conservation of some natural populations belonging to these groups.

One of the investigations reports the identification of 269 species of birds, among which the unusual records of a spotted owl (Ciccaba virgata), the black parrot (Pionus chalcopterus), and the first record for the Aburrá del Águila Valley stand out. Crested (Spizaetus isidori).

Biodiversity research book coverThe content in the book is like the update and inventory that exists for different biological groups from plants, birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, groups of insects and, in addition, a set of investigations related to the interactions that exist within these species ", said the biologist and researcher CES, Juan David Sánchez Londoño.

One of the relevant works that was included in the book was the inventory of flora and plant and wild species that exist in Alto de San Miguel, a project led by teacher Dino Tuberquia Muñoz who made the presentation of 520 species. 

“About 520 species of flora we published in this work, which also included the co-authorship of biology students. I believe that this project is one of the most important contributions that has been made in flora for the Alto de San Miguel; in terms of floristic inventory, we have increased the number of species that were known for the area ”, concluded the professor of Biology and Ecology at the CES University, Dino Tuberquia Muñoz.

The bookBiodiversity Studies in Alto de San MiguelIt can be obtained at the CES University store for the price of $ 15,000 pesos as of November 2019.

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