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Two students were recognized

Photography: Courtesy of Alejandro Orozco Urrea

María José Galeano Ordoñez, a student at the Faculty of Dentistry and Alejandro Orozco Urrea, a graduate of the same career, were nominated for the Maya Gold Award, the highest award given by the Antioquia Field Tennis League to the best of the year, this for their performance and good results during 2019 that earned them qualification for the Pan American Games in Mexico in the doubles category.

Maria Jose Galeano Ordoñez

"I have been playing tennis since I can remember, as soon as I started walking, my father gave me a racket," said student María José Galeano, referring to her beginnings in the sport.

María José Galeano Ordoñez was number four in the country at 16, so she is very proud, also because her father was her coach. Nowadays it is more difficult for her to find time to train for study reasons, but she has not left the sport, what is more, she along with Alejandro Orozco Urrea participated in the 2019 National Games in the doubles modality, in which they achieved a qualification for the Pan American Games to be held from May 31 to June 10 in Mexico.

“My dream when I was younger was to be a professional; Now that I decided to dedicate myself to studying, I know that this dream is already further away, but, I don't want to leave sport, I want to continue giving CES University joy, since it has also helped me to stay in sport ”, added the student Galeano .

Alejandro Orozco Urrea

Alejandro has been playing tennis since he was eleven years old and his dream was to be a professional, which is why he was completely dedicated to the sport in his college years and even when he graduated from it.

"I played for many years with the dream of becoming a professional, but it was the lack of support from the government that made me have to go to study and leave this sport aside a bit," said graduate Orozco.

After two years studying at CES University, Alejandro met Professor Mauricio Moncada, our Institution's tennis coach, and went back to training with him. It should be noted that, at 16, he was the fifth best player in the country in the under 21 category and throughout his career he has won medals, for example, in the National Games as well as international classifications such as the 2009 Inter-collegiate World Cup. .

"I have achieved different recognitions in my sports career despite not having been active in all the years, I feel very proud, for example, of being nominated for the Maya de Oro Awards, since there I am next to many important players in the country who They have had the opportunity to dedicate more time to this sport and they even have teams that sponsor them, ”added the young Orozco.

Nowadays Alejandro is dedicated to dentistry independently and waiting to recover from a minor discomfort in his foot to be able to return to the courts.

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